Scuba Diving / Snorkeling

The B.V.I.’s idyllic waters are the perfect setting in which to learn to scuba dive or to enjoy your qualification. The visibility averages between 60 and 100 feet, and the water temperature rarely drops below 78 – 80 degrees F.

The coral life is abundant, creating a wonderful habitat for the thousands of species of tropical fish that call these waters home. The environment is extremely safe and the diverse sites ensure that each experience will be unique from the last.

One of the most popular sites in the territory is our marine National Park, the wreck of the R.M.S. Rhone, a British Steamship that sank off the coast of Salt Island during a hurricane in October of 1867. If sunken ships are what you enjoy, then why not explore other more recent wrecks such as the Pat and the Marie L. or the Fearless. Otherwise, the islands house many reefs such as Diamond Reef at Great Camanoe or Angelfish at Norman Island. Some of our favourite sites include Painted Walls, a series of canyons just off Dead Chest, and the many pinnacles dotted around the area, including Blonde Rock, Ring Dove Rock, and Santa Monica Rock (if seeing larger fish are what you like to see!).

Many sites in the B.V.I. are equally appropriate for snorkellers. Anything can be arranged. Some of the more complex sites will be better enjoyed if you dive with one of the B.V.I.’s several companies, but there are many sites which are easy to find and navigate if you are already qualified and have rented equipment for your yacht. Local companies can rendezvous with your boat and take you diving or snorkelling, or you can meet them at their land bases. Dive certification courses are available, or if you are already experienced then we can arrange for you to have dive equipment on your boat or to enjoy day trips from your hotel or villa.