Sailing, Motor and Luxury Yacht Charters in the Beautiful British Virgin Islands

Tropical sunsets. Moonlit sails. Pristine beaches and blue water with not another soul in sight. A sleek, powerful power yacht yours to command, as you chart your course through a Caribbean paradise. Images from the lives of the very rich? Perhaps, but also scenes from a vacation that can be yours!

We at Destination B.V.I. are yacht charter and vacation co-ordinators, dedicated to creating your dream Caribbean holiday, either on a private sailing or motor yacht or land based. We specialise in the British Virgin Islands, considered by many to be the yachting capital of the world. Think of our experienced staff as matchmakers, dedicated to crafting a dream vacation around you, your desires, your fantasies. You’re unique, why shouldn’t your vacation be?

A BVI vacation may radically change your life! Destination BVI will not be held responsible if you decide to quit your job, sell the house, ship the car and come begging us for a job.

Yachting in the BVI

If you think a private luxury yacht is out of your reach, think again. We can show you how! It’s a surprising fact that, in many cases, you and your party can enjoy your own beautiful yacht for less than a cruise ship vacation. Why join the masses when you can captain your own vessel, while giving up nothing in terms of pampered luxury?

Discover the possibilities…

Imagine a holiday where every detail has been arranged to match your desires. On your private yacht or from your fabulous villa, enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, or windsurfing. Dine in our unique restaurants, and let your hair down in our world-class pubs. Open your mind to the possibilities! Your wedding on a luxury yacht. Your next family reunion, not in Uncle Eddie’s back yard but on a secluded beach - we can even supply the catered BBQ!

Considering plastic surgery? Have your family entertained in grand style while receiving world class care in the B.V.I.’s famous luxury clinic. Or go all the way - rent your own private island with chef and full staff to utterly spoil you! The possibilities are truly endless and Destination BVI will show you how, whether it be an economical getaway or a hedonistic extravaganza! In short, tell us your dream, when you want it to start, and let us take it from there.

Browse our site and see what’s on offer, or search for a specific yacht that interests you. It is our pleasure to be able to offer you everything there is to experience in our very special corner of the world, and our goal is to provide incomparable service. Overwhelmed? Need advice? Just contact us. Fill out our request form, call on our toll-free number, or look for one of us in the chat room. Consider us your friends in the BVI. We are here to help, and our advice is free.