Norman Island

Norman Island has for years been acclaimed as the island around which Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ was based. The Bite at Norman Island is home to two of the B.V.I.’s greatest party bars/restaurants. The William Thornton (‘Willy T’) is a pirate ship which has sat at anchor in the bay since 1987. The food is impressive (you thought your galley was compact - they feed up to 80 people on a average night out of theirs!) and the bar is world famous for its ‘anything and everything goes’ laid back and outrageous attitude. If you visit the Willy T. and don’t experience jumping off the top and at least witness the proper way to do a body shot, then you haven’t seen her true colors!

Always a Party at the Willy T. Willy T Dining Room

Located on shore just a few hundred yards away from the ship, Billy Bones Beach Bar and Restaurant has an equally fun atmosphere. Their blended cocktails are not to be missed, as are Carol’s famous BBQ ribs. A volleyball game on the court behind the restaurant, or a hike up the hill trail to enjoy a spectacular view will allow you to work up a sweat and truly earn your sundowner margarita!

Billy Bones Beach bar. The world famous "Shot Ski" aboard the Willy T.

Snorkeling in the Bite is beautiful along the shoreline. For a greater adventure though, why not dinghy around to The Caves. Legend has it that these geological phenomenon house the lost treasure of some of the territory’s more famous pirates. The area is a National Park, and the abundance of fish life is astonishing considering the site’s popularity.

A little further afield, but a great stop-off point on your way to this anchorage is The Indians, a series of rock pinnacles protruding from the ocean bed which house some of the area’s prettiest coral and fish life.