Marina Cay

Marina Cay The path to the top of Marina Cay.

Marina Cay is a tiny island, protected not only by its sizeable reef (which is brilliant for snorkelling), but also by its close proximity to Beef Island, Great and Little Camanoe, and Scrub Island. Pusser’s have a restaurant here, although Robb and Rodie White, who lived a self-subsistent life in a house they built for themselves, first inhabited the island in the 1930s. The building still stands on Marina Cay’s highest point, and provides the perfect location for a Happy Hour bar. Peruse the restaurant walls and read the White’s romantic tale, and admire the display of original photos taken by the couple 6 decades ago. Robb’s book about their experiences, entitled ‘Two on the Isle’ is available for sale in the island’s boutique.

The swimming and snorkelling around the island is superb, and the island’s dive shop has an array of watersports equipment to rent and enjoy.