Jost Van Dyke

One of the many Hammocks along White Bay.

Great Harbour, White Bay and Little Bay on Jost Van Dyke lie along the Island’s southern shore and house the B.V.I.’s most unique selection of bars and restaurants.

White Bay is simply breathtaking. Relax on the luminous white beach with a cocktail; the Soggy Dollar Bar (swimming to shore with your money is not only ‘no problem’, it’s expected!!), was the bar where the B.V.I.’s most famous drink, the Painkiller, was invented.

Foxy's Pier

Great Harbour has a long row of establishments to visit; a bar crawl from Rudy’s at one end to Foxy’s at the other would definitely be a challenge! Foxy Callwood is world famous. He is often about, and you can enjoy listening to him jamming with his guitar while you sample some of the wonderful local food on the restaurant’s menu.

A little farther East brings you to Little Harbour, where you have yet more choices of bars and restaurants. The island’s locals pride themselves on the fresh seafood they serve and their laid back hospitality. With only 200 inhabitants on the island to run all of these establishments, they thoroughly enjoy meeting every new face!