The only coral island in the B.V.I., Anegada lies on Horseshoe Reef, the world’s third largest barrier reef. Unspoiled and largely uninhabited, Anegada boasts indigenous flamingos and a large community of rock iguanas among its unique features.

The island also offers mile upon mile of white sand beach, where you can stroll at leisure and often never meet a soul. Use your sunblock though, as Anegada’s flat terrain (the highest point is a mere 28ft above sea level!) means that the sun can be brutal. Loblolly Bay on the northern shore is an extraordinary snorkelling destination with an abundance of coral and fish life.

Aside from its beaches, Anegada is famous for its lobster and fish caught on the reef and enjoyed in any of the island’s restaurants. Anegada is completely diverse in character from the rest of the Virgin Islands. Most companies require that an experienced skipper accompanies you to navigate the reef, but this is worthwhile for the experience you are bound to have upon arrival.


Loblolly Bay